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Self Care Between Massages

Easing Holiday Tensions With An Epsom Salt Bath

Tip #2 - December, 2009
by Bret Bailey, LMT

With the excitement and festivities of the Holiday Season upon us, you're likely feeling the many pressures associated with the Holidays. Busy schedules, social gatherings with friends, family and colleagues, and of course, financial decisions- all coming together in our bodies to create the perfect storm of sorts. And the way our bodies often experience this is in the form of stress and strain. You may feel it in the neck, the shoulders, the back, even your feet, and these tensions often come along with headaches and increased levels of emotional stress.

Well, one of the easiest and simplest things you can do to help yourself, between massages, is to take an Epsom Salt bath. You basically just add some salt to water, and there you have it- a relaxing, therapeutic treatment to help you be at your best this Holiday Season.

  1. Simply stop into your local pharmacy and ask for a box of Epsom Salt (they actually sell it in bags now, too). A 2-quart box looks like a milk container, and will only cost you about $7.
  2. When you get home, schedule a good forty-five minutes for yourself. Turn off the phone and instruct the others in your home that you're taking a quiet bath, and would love everyone to be as quiet as possible until a specific time. The clearer you are, the less likely it is that you'll be disturbed.
  3. Open the box (bag) of Epsom Salt and begin to fill the Bath with Warm Water.
  4. Pour 2 cups (a third of the container) of Epsom Salt in to the Bath, and stir the water until the crystals dissolve.
  5. For an extra level of relaxation, you could even add a drop or two of Lavender essential oil to the water.
  6. Now for the best part. Ooh...Ahhh....Ease your aching body into the tub, and relax.
  7. While you're bathing, try to submerse the parts of your body that need the most attention, and let them soak. Your Back, Shoulders, Neck, Feet.
  8. Give yourself at least 15 minutes for this treatment, and repeat every few days, as needed.

Now, what I love about these baths, is that aside from being so incredibly easy to do, studies have actually shown that the magnesium and sulfites in these salts may help you in a number of other ways:

easing stress and improving sleep and concentration
reducing inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
assisting with proper muscle and nerve function
helping prevent or ease migraine headaches
helping flush toxins from our bodies

Pretty good for just over 2 dollars!

I hope this Holiday Season tip is helpful, and until you come in for your next massage, I wish you the very healthiest and happiest of Holidays!

Be Well,

Bret Bailey, LMT

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Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist Bret Bailey, Licensed Massage Therapist
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